• BOMA Z65.2-2012

BOMA Z65.2-2012

  • Industrial Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement
  • standard by Building Owners and Managers Association International, 2012
  • Publisher: BOMA

This standard provides detailed procedures for determining the area of an industrial building using the two dominant market measurement practices observed in North America - the Exterior Wall Methodology (Method A) or the Drip Line Methodology (Method B).

Key features of the Industrial Standard include:
  • Measurement information for determining and calculating renta ble area for both single occupancy and multiple occupancy in both one-story and multi-story buildings.
  • 22 definitions of common terms used in industrial building measurement.
  • Illustrations throughout that demonstrate different measurement methodologies for various building sizes and occupancy types.
  • Information on areas/items to be excluded in floor area claculations, as well as special conditions.

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